I believe this idea originated from an article in Oprah Magazine.  Here's how it's played:  Two allies draw up their own BINGO CARDS (5 squares by 5 squares).  Make sure to leave enough room in each "square" to write in your "predictions".  For example, "Aunt Sue gets drunk and hits on Dad".  Or, "My sister talks to my mother about me behind my back".  Or, "Uncle Jim drinks too much and starts picking arguments".  Or, "My brother ridicules me."  Or, My dad asks how my job search is going".  You get the drift.  Twenty-five squares ("predictions") on one card.  Duplicate predictions in squares are allowed.  Then, you and your ally (most likely your partner) bring your respective cards to the family gathering and inconspicuously draw an "X" through the  square when that prediction occurs.  The first one to yell, "BINGO" wins.  When others ask what's going on, simply say, "Oh, we were just playing a game together".

The therapeutic purpose of this game is to 1) help you anticipate and thus prepare for what you dread will happen; 2) help you keep an "observer's" view of the family dysfunctions instead of getting drawn into them; and 3) bond with your "ally" later that night instead of getting caught into taking one side or the other in the family chaos.

Try it!  Everyone I've offered this too has benefited tremendously from it.  And had fun at the same time!  It helps you enter a potentially tension-filled situation as a "reporter", rather than as a "participant".  And because you're doing it with an ally, you will be able to laugh together about it later that night.