June 27, 1016, with Kerri Walsh Jennings

June 27, 1016, with Kerri Walsh Jennings



"Dr. Finn, thank you for somehow being the one person, who after 30 years of marriage and many marriage counselors, seems to be able to work with my parents effectively.  I cannot even tell you how grateful I am that our family found you!  Looking back, those 2 years of family therapy were possibly THE most crucial years of my adult life. …… I am truly grateful to you, and to both of my parents, for providing the space for me to process some of my old wounds so that they could heal on a much deeper level than they EVER would have otherwise." 
from a former client

"I have known Dr. Barbara Finn for many years, and greatly admire her work. In our years of consultation together, I have observed her to have personal and intellectual qualities that, to me, are the essence of an unusually excellent psychologist."

     "Dr. Finn is real, direct, and immediate. She is not afraid to tell the truth."

     "Dr Finn is able to grasp communication on several levels at once—what is being said, what being said between the lines, and what is happening in real time. She is an expert at making links between the past and the present, and spotting patterns in behavior."

    "Dr. Finn really cares about people, and it shows. Her kindness is evident in the quality of her listening, and in her spoken comments."

     "Dr. Finn has integrated ethical and legal standards for psychologists and bases her practice on what is best for her patients."

     "Dr. Finn has helped people with severe mental illness, as well as high-functioning  survivors of trauma, athletes, physicians, Silicon Valley executives, homemakers, and parents. Her deep training in observation of how people interact in real time makes her extremely valuable as a group therapist, and as a couples therapist, as well as in her individual work."

     "Dr. Finn keeps up with current literature, and is particularly interested in trauma, mind-body connection, attachment, and treatment of anxiety and depression."

"I know that I can refer to Dr. Finn with confidence, and am grateful to have her available in the community."

_Joyce Schmid,  PhD, MFT

"I have known Dr. Barbara Finn professionally for over 15 years.  During that time I have referred many patients to her for psychological care.  She has been extremely helpful to my patients who have found her easy to talk to and “practical” in her approach." 

"I have found her communications with me in regards to my patients to be concise and very insightful. This has facilitated my ability to better understand and help my patients." 

"I highly recommend her."

        _Sara J. Bunting, M.D