Individuals and couples come to me with issues or problems that have reached a tipping point (i.e. have begun to interfere with their personal or professional lives). These are normally high functioning people who are now experiencing difficulty finding an effective path forward.

I bring a depth and breadth of personal and professional experience that allows me to see the unseen, hear the unheard, feel the unfelt, and find words for the unspoken.  I can then reflect back what I see, hear, and feel, and by so doing we can set the stage for discovering and incorporating novel approaches and solutions.

I am passionate about my work and have tremendous respect for those who are both curious about  themselves and courageous enough to engage in the process of psychotherapy in pursuit of a higher quality of life.

Here in Silicon Valley, the incidence of stress and anxiety has become particularly rampant among CEO’s of start-ups, as the success or failure of their business rests primarily on how they handle the never-ending pressures that are inevitable in these situations.

Yet these are the very people who feel pressure to handle these issues alone and in secret. The fear is that seeking consultation for stress will lead to being perceived as “weak”.  To the contrary, those who seek help are the courageous ones - and getting consultation can make a dramatic difference in the future of their professional lives.  Their loved ones also suffer from the manifestations of their stress, and seeking independent help for themselves can significantly influence the future of these relationships.