Although most research speaks about how a combination of psychotherapy and antidepressant medication is the most effective way to manage depression, here are other options to explore that have also proven to be effective for some folks:

1)  Buy a full-spectrum light-therapy box, and sit directly in front of it for 20 minutes every   morning. (This is especially helpful for those who suffer seasonal affective disorder).

2)  Get plenty of sleep.

3)  Eat healthy and nutritious foods.

4) Exercise frequently. Even walking 20 minutes/day will help!

5)  Do your best to refrain from isolating yourself from friends and loved ones.

6)  Adopt a cat or a dog.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Adopt a cat or a dog.  Research has repeatedly demonstrated the incredible benefits of living with an animal.  You will be surrounded by unconditional love and affection.  The time and effort required to care for an animal will pale in comparison to the amazing benefits you will receive.  It's unfortunate how few people are aware of this.