Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Relationship Quiz

  1. Is My Relationship Healthy For Me?
  2. Do I feel respected?
  3. Do I feel taken into account in all decisions that affect both of us?
  4. Is s/he always honest with me? (Sometimes people distort the truth in order to have their cake and eat it too—regardless of the effect that might have on their partner).
  5. Do I feel loved? Passionately loved?
  6. Are we playful with each other?
  7. Does s/he pay attention to the impact of his/her behavior on me?
  8. Does s/he treat my friends and family with respect?
  9. Does s/he respect my independence and my right to spend time with my friends without him/her?
  10. Do little things I do annoy him/her? Or vice versa?
  11. Does s/he criticize me in front of others?
  12. Does s/he have a substance abuse problem, or is there substance abuse in his/her family of origin that has not been addressed?
  13. Does s/he respect when I’m too exhausted to do something he wants to do?
  14. Can I trust that s/he will be faithful to me?