I provide both individual and group consultation to other professionals in our field.  I take a supportive yet direct approach.  I do not mince words, yet I am aware that practicing in this field can feel very lonely and isolating, and the last thing someone seeking consultation needs is to be judged or criticized.  Frankly, I have so much respect for those seeking consultation that I can honestly offer feedback, even difficult feedback, completely within the context of my respect and support for you.   I had my share of critical, judgmental supervisors during my own training, know first-hand how demoralizing it was, and therefore make a point of not repeating with others what was modeled for me.

I also provide team building, athletic team consultations, and coaching staff consultations both in my office and on site. In my experience working with elite athletic teams, I have found that physical factors being equivalent, the winners in the Final Four will be the teams who are led by coaches who are honorable and transparent, both with each other and with the athletes, as well as by teams that are harboring the fewest interpersonal tensions.